Tuning & Accessories

The company imports, markets and installs exclusive accessories for luxury cars. The service is designed for people who wish to make their cars more unique. Bavarian Motors offers its customers a wide range of accessories and parts of the industry-leading companies, as well as small, individual tasks and complex interior tasks.


We have developed extensive experience and long-standing connections with car manufacturers and parts & accessories producers. The company's team is divided into different specialties in order to provide the best and most professional service and response to any requirement. Each customer is assigned with a personal agent all along the way. In conclusion, Bavarian Motors Club has all the necessary tools in order to provide top-notch service and fulfill any commitment to the customer in the best, most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Bavarian Motors is the exclusive importer of STARTUS, BRABUS and TECHART.

For details on improving and upgrading your cars, please contact us by phone: 09-956-1906