Bavarian Motors was established in 2008.

Our main purpose is to help people meet their own highest demands. The company owns a fleet of luxury, unique cars, in addition to special imports according to the demands and budget of the clients.

Our team has gained extensive knowledge of all types of cars, such as modern luxury cars, exotic sports cars, as well as collectibles. Bavarian Motors promotes motor culture in Israel and provides solutions to those who are not willing to settle for the usual standard of the Israeli car market.

Apart of its boutique style, our company offers a personal attitude and reliability towards each and is largely flexible for special needs and requirements, all in order to customize the customer’s unique car.


The company operates on three main levels:


Personal Import: Consultation and walk-through. Some customers do not accept the conditions offered by the official importer; others might desire model and/or accessories which are currently unavailable in the Israeli market; for these customers we offer the way of personal import, which is accessible for everyone, and allows the import of new, as well as used cars. The company's professional staff owns all the licenses required by the Ministry of Transport.

We walk the customer throughout the entire process of personal import, from car selection to car registration.

Small importer - Bavarian Motors is a small importer in Israel, and is licensed to import cars

Purchase, sale and brokerage of cars - The company owns a fleet of cars in Israel for immediate purchase. In addition, the Bavarian Motors Club follows the car sale process in Israel, and assists its customers with selling their cars in the easiest, fastest and most efficient way.

Individual fitting-out and tuning. We import, market and install exclusive accessories for luxury cars. The service is designed for drivers who wish to add to the uniqueness of their car. Bavarian Motors Club offers its customers a wide range of accessories, parts and individual tasks - from external hoops and kits from the industry-leading companies, to the most complex interior tasks.


We have gained extensive experience and long-standing connections with car manufacturers and parts & accessories producers. The company's team is divided into different specialties in order to provide the best and most professional service and response to any requirement. Each customer is assigned with a personal agent all along the way. In conclusion, Bavarian Motors Club has all the necessary tools in order to provide top-notch service and fulfill any commitment to the customer in the best, most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Bavarian Motors is the exclusive importer of STARTUS, BRABUS and TECHART.